Jobs @ Bonsella

At Bonsella, we pride ourselves on providing an interesting, fun, and challenging work environment for all our staff members. One of our greatest strengths is the quality of our people, who all contribute to the positive culture and environment at Bonsella. We value continual professional development along with the establishment of strong relationships between the Partners and the staff.

Interesting, fun and challenging work

We also have a comprehensive staff evaluation program with on the job evaluations as well as regular reviews, where promotions and pay increases are determined on the basis of experience as well as competency as staff progress through their careers. During staff evaluations/reviews, we give staff the opportunity to have their say and we try to work out how we can meet their individual needs and help them further their career. At Bonsella, our staff are valued for their contribution to the firm.

Committed to training and career development

We are also committed to training and career development for all of our staff members through extensive on-the-job training and experience, external training programs and frequent in-house training seminars.

If you are interested in joining the team at Bonsella please email your resume to Kirstie at:

Alternatively, you can call us on 6257 4144 to speak to someone about any vacant positions that are currently available.